Our German partner have for many years been suppliers to the steel industry. Our German partner are specialists in the manufacture of wear parts for rolling mills.

Among the key products Our German partner manufacture for steel mills are:

  • Cast rolls for hot rolling mills (Small section wire, medium and heavy section, bloom and billets, medium and narrow strip)
  • Rolls for tube making tools (piercing presses)
  • Piercing dies, piercing die holders, piercing mandrels, piercing mandrel head, piercing mandrel shanks, bottom plates, extruding guides.
  • Piercing mills: piercing roll guides, mandrel guides, mandrel bars.
  • Pilger Mills: pilger rolls, pilger bars, roll off rings, draw off plates
  • Plug rolling mills: plug rolls return, rolls mandrel plugs, plug rods, reeling rolls, reeling plugs.
  • Push benches: grooved rolls, hollow ingot, reducing rolls, mandrel bars, shank rods, detaching rolls, pierced withdrawal rolls, reeling rolls for pierced rods
  • Continuous Trains: Continuous mill rolls, continuous mill rods, hollow ingot, reducing rolls.
  • Hot drawing benches: drawing blocks, mandrel bars
  • Tube bending machines: bending mandrels
  • Assel mill rolls
  • Detaching rolls
  • Levelling rolls


  • COLD ROLL FORMING: Forming rolls, grooved rolls, withdrawal rolls, bending rolls, welding rolls, sword rolls, guide blades
  • Sharpening + bending processes: Edge bending dies, edge bending rolls, U-dies, A-dies, insert shells, expansion tools, basic bodies, wedge shoes, tool supports, bending rolls.
  • Stretching-reducing sizing mills: reducing rolls, sizing rolls
  • Straightening machines: work rolls, press rolls, straightening rolls
  • Piercing bushes
  • Forming rolls tube welding