Sales Agent


Are you considering using the services of a Sales Agent as a means of selling your products.

At Geleval we are established agents with over 25 years of in country sector specific experience

Here are some of the benefits of this route to market.

A Sales Agent handles many of the same sales and marketing activities generally carried out by an in house sales function. This can be to augment an existing sales effort or offer a cost effective out sourced alternative.

Sales agent remuneration is generally based around commission and are so directly related to ensuring growing sales.

Sales agents are able to give valuable advice and assistance to a company looking to establish themselves in a new market sector or geographic area / country. Drawing on established contacts and experience.

Sales Agents usually work with a number of clients tailoring their services to suit the marketing and sales needs of each individual principal. Both client and agent can benefit from these for cross selling opportunities as agents generally sell complimentary products to the same customer.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and the benefits of drawing on Sales Agents to promote your offering.